Commexis Announces Expansion with New Offices, Employees and Advertising Services

HADDONFIELD, NJ, May 23, 2017 – Commexis, an advertising agency with an in-house team of designers, developers and digital marketing experts, recently opened new office space in their Haddonfield location to accommodate for the rapid growth and leverage the ever-changing and diverse advertising industry with new service offerings for their clients.

The new office space includes two separate suites within historic Haddonfield’s Kings Highway, totaling 4,000 square footage for the agency. Through construction that commenced late 2016 including merging two suites and building new office areas, Commexis now occupies both Suite 116 and Suite 105 within the office building located at 35 Kings Highway. Suite 105 has been converted to two conference rooms and is equipped with an employee lounge, dining and kitchen area. The design and development, creative and content, SEO and social media, marketing and sales teams all collaborate and coexist within Suite 116. A strategic addition to the Commexis office is the creation of a media room, with video and audio equipment, green screen, sound board and other technical tools required for such marketing needs.

“The advertising landscape has shifted dramatically,” says Commexis President, Len Ward. “Not only do you have to create a digital strategy based on a brand’s message, but you need to coincide that with a creative vision and develop it in the way consumers prefer to digest their content. We are achieving that with hiring great talent and surrounding them with the tools needed to compete in the modern advertising space.”

The new employees that joined Commexis include three new copywriters to the Content team, a developer, videographer and podcaster and a new internship program for the summer. Throughout the remaining 2017 year, Commexis acquisition of talent will extend as the agency continues to actively monitor the marketplace and industry, adding any innovative technologies and staffing required in order to execute quality websites, digital campaigns and advertising strategies for their clients.

About Commexis

Commexis is an advertising agency that blends seamlessly with your internal marketing team to create data-centric marketing plans that amplify your brand’s reach both locally and beyond. Our results-driven campaigns leverage hard-won lessons from decades of experience in both marketing and design to maximize your marketing ROI. Our digital marketing team lives on the cutting-edge of new technologies, platforms and tools; giving your internal marketing team skilled consulting on the most current industry trends. Let Commexis be your digital marketing partner and contact us  to get started!