Are You Boring Your Potential Customers?

Are You Boring Your Potential Customers?

In our previous blog articles, we explored why you should use your email list and how you can get  the most out of your email marketing strategy. In the final installment of our email marketing blog article series, we explore how you can more of those people to open up your newsletters.

Are you having trouble gaining traction from your newsletter? Do you feel like it’s going straight into your subscriber’s junk box? It’s possible. The good news is that you’re not alone. And the other good news is that there’s a way to fix it. Newsletters can be tricky business; the average businessperson gets over 50 emails a day. How are you going to get them to pause and take a good long look at yours? Here are some things to try if you’re fed up with your newsletter’s performance, and how to make it work right.

Get Them to Open It
Let’s start with the basics and work our way down, First, the subject line. The subject line is the first thing you need to fix for your newsletter to prevent it from being deleted. All other things that you work hard on to perfect will go out the window if you can’t even get your subscribers to open it. Think of it this way: the goal of your newsletter is to get your subscribers to engage with your company, pass on the message, and purchase your products, right?

Your subject line isn’t supposed to do that.

Your subject line is supposed to accomplish one thing and one thing only, and that’s to get your readers to open the email. So switch your thinking. Do your keyword research. Match your words that are relevant to your business and your industry into your subject line, and that your visitors are likely to use to find you product or service. Keep it simple and it keep it relevant.

Content is Still King
And it always will be. Make your email content personable and don’t overwhelm with promotion. The 80%/20% rule applies here, as in 80% original content and 20% promotional content. In order to keep your readers’ attention, be sure to keep your newsletters personable and up to date. For example, the Super Bowl is coming up, maybe relate that week’s newsletter with themes that are relevant to both the Super Bowl and your business. If it’s interesting in it’s own right, then your audience will keep reading.

Change It Up
If you’re looking to change things up more dramatically, there are different kinds of campaigns you can do that will help gauge your primary readership’s interests. Invitational emails are a good example. Consider holding a webinar that is relevant to your industry, or some other kind of online event or promotion to measure the response rate and reengage with your audience.

Sending out emails with a call to action could be exactly what you need to get your audience back on your side again. It takes a lot more effort, but if you’re stagnant on your ROI for your newsletter, then understand that you get out what you put in to it. Webinars and CTA promotions could be exactly what you need to remind your readers that you’re not just a robot.

Keep this all in mind as we get in to 2016. It’s definitely the right time to revamp some of your marketing strategies, and newsletters and email marketing certainly benefit from periodic changeups. Just remember to keep an eye on their effectiveness, and that adding a human and that the right combination between strategy and personal touch is what really keeps your subscribers interested in your business.

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