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  • Google ‘Hawk’ Local Algorithm Update Swoops Onto the Scene

    On Aug. 22, 2017, Google released a new local algorithm update that’s been dubbed the ‘Hawk’ update. This update has been made specifically on the organic local level and appears to be targeting map listings overall. The ‘Hawk’ update appears to be in response to some of the changes made during the ‘Possum’ update from about a year prior that negatively affected some businesses on the maps. What Part Of The ‘Possum’ Update Needed To Be Fixed? Google has actively filtered out local results for businesses with several locations in an area for a very long time. It would pick…

    Amy Leach - September 22, 2017

  • Tip Tuesday: Understanding Long-Tail Keywords

    Many people hear the term “keyword” with regard to SEO or digital marketing and think of short search terms such as “Digital Marketing,” “Digital Marketing Agency,” or maybe even “Digital Marketing Agency Near Me.”  These are all excellent example of keywords that we might want to optimize a website for, but the concept of a keyword in SEO and digital marketing can go so much deeper than this. In the highly competitive world of SEO where Google’s algorithm is changing regularly there are opportunities that go far beyond short search terms. They are known as “Long-tail Keywords,” and they can…

    Amy Leach - August 15, 2017

  • How to Use Google Posts for Your Business

    Have you ever thought to yourself “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if I could promote upcoming events and promotions through my Google My Business profile so that Google users could see them?” Well, even if you haven’t, Google has delivered a product to do just that. Google Posts is a brand-new tool that could become an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. While Google Posts may not be right for all businesses, it offers you the opportunity to highlight events, products, and promotions that you may want to promote directly through your Google My Business listing. So what are…

    Amy Leach - July 21, 2017

  • The Growth of Google Reviews Is a Boon for Digital Marketers

    Reviews. Everybody wants them, but very few want to go through the hassle of getting them. We get it. People seem to be much more likely to give negative reviews when they are upset than they are to give positive reviews when they are happy with something. Their minds have moved on after their transaction is completed with your business, and the last thing they are thinking about is taking a few minutes to write you a nice review. When we can’t rely on satisfied clients to openly review us on their own accord, we must ask them for reviews…

    Amy Leach - June 02, 2017

  • Meet ‘Fred,’ the Latest Google Algorithm Update

    When the SEO community starts buzzing about seeing major ranking changes for their clients, odds are Google is up to something. It seems that Google has made another Google algorithm update that is being dubbed “Fred” by the SEO community, though Google themselves have neither confirmed nor denied that this update has occurred. Still, SEOs are reporting seeing both positive and negative changes in their rankings, which usually suggests a major update. This latest algorithm update seems to be focused on link quality. High quality links may have been rewarded by the update, while lower quality links and spam links…

    Amy Leach - March 14, 2017