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  • Commexis Cast: Meet the Social Media Team!

    On today’s episode: meet the Commexis social media team! Manager of Branding & Account Coordinator Melissa Shaine is joined by Social Media Manager Rebekah Milsted, and Social Media Intern Hannah Magann to discuss the ever changing world of social media. What platforms must your business be on? How often should you post? Tips for curated content? Tune in to hear answers to these questions and much more.

    Commexis Staff - July 27, 2017

  • Local SEO: How to Improve Your Local Visibility in Search Engines & Maps Listings

    If you are a small, local business with one brick and mortar location or a company that has many locations, “Local SEO” needs to be a high priority in your marketing strategy. For example, if your law firm or service business has many offices spread throughout a certain geographical area, you want to make sure that you show up on the first page in the local search results on Google. Obtaining top positioning and maintaining visibility on the listings and Google Maps is harder than it has ever been. Not only has the layout of the listings changed recently, but…

    Commexis Staff - April 27, 2016

  • Why WordPress is Right for Your Business

    Have you ever run into a problem with your website and felt helpless, knowing that it would require the expertise of multiple people and take hours to fix? It happens to everyone, and as code fluency becomes more of an expectation across various industries, you may find yourself out of luck. That’s where WordPress comes in. If you’re looking to find a balance between a customizable website without the commitment of a code-heavy platform, then you may want to consider a migration to a WordPress website for your business. Usability It’s actually not quite as hard as it sounds, and…

    Commexis Staff - April 19, 2016

  • How to Keep Cross-Agency Projects On Track

    Now that we have explored how to effectively work with large teams in the planning phase for projects, it’s time to talk about the execution of cross-agency projects. Once everything gets rolling, it can be easy for things to break down or be overlooked. In order to maintain your strategy and your schedule, there are some things you need to know or plan for in order to keep things on track. Competition vs. Collaboration For many agencies, there is a natural level of competition present even when they work together. Much of this is due to how remunerations are structured…

    Commexis Staff - April 14, 2016

  • How to Achieve Cross-Agency Harmony for Web Design & Digital Marketing Projects

    Recent studies have shown that agency growth is on the rise, and that means that more and more companies are utilizing multiple agencies for their marketing projects and web development. This is a good sign for the industry, but one of the major potential issues that often arises is project management synergy. Project management for building a new website can easily get bottlenecked when there are multiple stakeholders involved; miscommunication and differences of opinions can happen especially when there are so many details and moving parts. Prior to launching a big cross-agency project, it’s always a good idea to ensure…

    Commexis Staff - April 12, 2016