An Easy Way to Boost Trust in Your Brand? Try an Influencer

An Easy Way to Boost Trust in Your Brand? Try an Influencer

It’s day two of Influencer Marketing Week here at Commexis, and today we’re looking at how influencers can help bolster a potential customer’s faith in your brand as they progress along the buyer’s journey.

As we discussed on The Commexis Cast yesterday, the buyer’s journey contains five “steps” a customer takes on their path to buying your product or service and maintaining a relationship with your business. One of the key steps before a purchase is the consideration stage. This stage takes place after the awareness stage, meaning a user should already know about, or be generally aware of, your brand. In the consideration phase a customer identifies their pain point and researches ways to solve it; typically on Google and other search engines, company websites, and Amazon.

Consumer trust plays a particularly vital role in the consideration (and advocacy) stage of the buyer’s journey. After all, this is the phase where users are being bombarded by the wealth of information they’re gathering on solutions to their pain points. Even one small indication that your brand is untrustworthy could result in the loss of that user.

For example, eMarketer published a recent report on consumer trust for businesses following data breaches. The study by CA Technologies and Frost & Sullivan scored individuals based on their levels of trust for businesses and found that while spending went up in all levels, 15% of individuals with low trust scores decreased spending, while only 4% of individuals with high trust scores decreased spending.

While your brand might not be storing large amounts of user data, the same principle stands: give users a reason to leave and they will. If it’s not a data breach, it could be a bad review. If it’s not a bad review, it could be a hard to find website. What’s a brand to do? As the title of this article has undoubtedly told you: use an influencer.

As Phillip and I discussed on our Vidcon episode of the Commexis Cast, both consumers and influencers resonate with trust and authenticity. The trust comes from two different sides: the trust an influencer has in the brand, and the trust a user has in the influencer. Not only can an influencer share your product with their audience, in many cases they are living proof that a product (a) works, (b) works well, and (c) isn’t a scam.

Authenticity is a key principle in scoping out influencers. Finding a creative that already resonates with your brand, or who would be a great fit for it, are key. Nicole Bitette on V by Viacom  spoke to Matt Steffanina, a 31 year old professional dancer with 8 million subs on YouTube, who spoke about authenticity and said, “What am I always wearing in my videos? I’m wearing Jordans, I’m wearing a fitted hat. If you are a brand and you notice somebody is always tagging you in photos: that’s a great opportunity. People will be so much more receptive to something that’s already currently happening in their videos and so will the fans.”

What’s important to remember though is that influencer marketing gives you more than just a voice to that influencer’s community. It can also give you an SEO boost. Remember, many users are searching on Google to find solutions to their pain point. One Instagram post, one YouTube video, one blog post by an influencer adds additional ammunition in the form of hyperlinks of a search page.

If you’re interested in influencer marketing, but aren’t sure what the next steps are, reach out to us. We’d love to help you out.

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