• Last Week in Digital – October 31st 2016

    PayPal & Facebook announce a new integration with Messenger Last week PayPal announced a new integration with Facebook Messenger that will allow people to use PayPal as a payment option. Facebook is making a big push for businesses to recognize messenger a viable payment option and have recently added Shopify and are testing out an ebay feature. What does this have to do with my marketing campaign? Look, if you are an e-comm or if you do transactions online, this is something you need to be looking into. However, if you are a restaurant or a local business that processes…

    Commexis Staff - October 31, 2016

  • How Your Digital Agency Can Work with An In-House Marketing Team

    If you’ve worked on the agency side in digital marketing for any length of time, you’ve likely encountered this scenario: a mid to-large-size company with an in-house marketing team has contracted your agency to partner with them on a digital campaign. Marketing research firm Forrester estimates that companies will allocate over $103b combined (yes, that’s billion, with a “b”) per year to digital marketing efforts by 2019, outpacing traditional media spending for traditional broadcast channels. What’s more, the full-scale digital marketing efforts that are fueled by these ballooning budgets require specialized training and expertise that many in-house marketing teams lack….

    Phillip Brooks - October 26, 2016


    1. Facebook Live Ad Blitz According to Businessinsider.com, “get ready to see ads for Facebook Live everywhere.” Facebook live is a platform where users can broadcast live video to their followers. Facebook did not say how many of their 1.7 billion users are using live broadcasts, however, they did say that it is up 4x since May of 16. What does this have to do with my marketing campaign? From an advertising perspective, live video will dominate the landscape in the next 18 months. Our team feels that this will become the most important way to deliver content to your…

    Commexis Staff - October 24, 2016

  • How a Consumer Buys a New Car in 2016: A User Journey

    The process of buying a car has changed dramatically in the past decade. Ten years ago, it used to involve several weeks of visits to dealerships and test driving multiple cars. According to CRM magazine, however, consumers visit less than two dealerships before making a final purchase. A decade ago, they would have visited at least four dealerships. The user journey has been condensed and consumers are using different pathways to their new vehicle purchase. Take a look at how a customer buys a new car from beginning-to-end. Today’s path-to-purchase may surprise even the most seasoned auto sales professional. Today’s…

    Phillip Brooks - October 21, 2016

  • Last Week In Digital In 90 Seconds – October 17th 2016

    – Amazon is opening new brick-and-mortar stores with curbside pickup:  This will be an issue for local stores. Get out in front of this and look into app technology that can take orders and make it easier on your customers. This is a big deal for e-commerce. – https://goo.gl/6Nf5ci   – Salesforce has officially walked away from buying Twitter, and it looks like there are no potential bidders left. (Although, we all know that with the stock price getting this low, someone will be taking a look at Twitter.) From a B2B advertising perspective, Twitter is a great vehicle to use…

    Commexis Staff - October 17, 2016

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