• A Smart Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Up To Date

    If you work extensively with WordPress websites then you’re familiar the need to keep your plug-ins and WordPress site software updated in order to insure that your site is secure and functioning properly.  However, there are situations where you need to tread carefully to avoid any potential issues that could end up having the complete opposite effect. Plug-ins:  You should always try to keep your plug-ins up to date to address any security issues that could put your site at risk.  However, if you’re working on a WordPress site that has not had its operating software updated in over a…

    Commexis Staff - January 15, 2015

  • Online Reviews, how they impact your rankings and how to get them

    While it is nice to think that we are totally in control of our rankings on Google based on the actions we take, we know that isn’t completely true. After all, to try and be an impartial database that spits out results based on merit, Google needs to factor in a whole host of metrics including the thoughts of other people on review sites. Though reviews have always factored in to your rankings, they are becoming even more important as time goes on. At this point it is unclear as to whether or not Google can decipher the good reviews…

    Commexis Staff - January 14, 2015

  • The Demise of Flash and the Future of Web Development

    Just over a decade ago, Flash was one of the most ubiquitous platforms across the web.  But now Flash is on its way out and HTML5 is poised to overtake it as the future standard of web developers.  So what’s driving the demise of this once great platform?  Let’s look at what made Flash successful in the first place for some clues. In the late 1990’s, Microsoft and Nestscape were battling for browser supremacy, each offering their own features in an effort to compete with each other.  Because of this, cross-browser compatibility issues were very common, much to the frustration…

    Commexis Staff - October 31, 2014

  • Local Business Landing Pages: Ranking Beyond Your Address

    When your business is located in a big city, the only place you may need to rank is within that city.  This is ideal for SEO.  If your business is located in Philadelphia, and your clients all come from Philadelphia, you can focus your SEO on that city, and Google will make the connection based on your business address, citations, and social media profiles that Philadelphia is the area that you service.  But what if you are located in a small town?  Sure you want to rank within your town, but it would also be nice to pull business from…

    Commexis Staff - October 22, 2014

  • Thinking About A New Hosting Company? You Will Need A Migration plan.

    Sometimes, there might be a need for you to switch from your current host to a new one. This may be done for various reasons. Not knowing what is needed may make this task very difficult, but with these tips your switch will be much easier. First, it is important to know all about your site. It will be important to know where your host stores your website files, and whether it is possible to download them and back them up, because you will still need these files when you start hosting the site in a new server. It is highly recommended…

    Commexis Staff - June 25, 2014

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