The McMullin Design Group

The Client

The McMullin Design Group (MDG) was founded in 2001 and has quickly become a Haddonfield institution. Bridget McMullin and her team designers create inspired designs for both private and commercial projects. The MDG team aren’t just supremely talented interior designers, they’re also efficient project managers who can work with contractors and other entities to coordinate a design project from start-to-finish, allowing clients to concentrate on the “fun” parts of the process—the planning and the big reveal!

The Challenge

Interior Design is a challenging space in which to stake your claim online. Today’s DIY economy and ready sources of inspiration and guidance on sites like Pinterest and YouTube mean that more people are attempting to create their design aesthetic on their own.

But there is still a strong market for discerning clientele who know the value of a professional and who are willing to entrust the process surrounding their design project to a firm. But as a design firm you need to get your name and your work out there so that your potential clients can find you. And that can be difficult with the proliferation of design content out there.

To help get MDG in front of the right kinds of clients, they needed an SEO campaign that would hit the proper personas and keep their name top-of-mind.

Our Approach

Commexis began with a thorough site audit to diagnose any technical SEO problems that could be addressed. We looked for crawl errors, broken links and any other issues that could prevent the Googlebot from crawling the site.

Keywords are an integral part of any organic SEO campaign. A misstep or pivot in the wrong direction can sink your whole campaign. Through a combination of data mined from competitors in the marketplace as well as feedback from Bridget herself, we created a keyword list that encompassed a broad list of disciplines, services and locations that we felt represented opportunities for MDG.

Once those were addressed, we spoke with Bridget to discuss her ideal client so that we could create a series of marketing personas that could help us to identify where exactly her ideal audience lives online.

Via an editorial calendar, we also helped consult on the content direction for blogs to help interweave SEO tactics with content topics and social media.

We also brought in our web development team to consult on requested changes to the existing site.

Search Engine Optimization

Commexis secured more than 60 first-page organic rankings for targeted keywords and long-tailed variations. This has effectively doubled organic traffic to the MDG site since the beginning of the campaign.

Through diligent metadata best practices, Commexis was also able to target potential clients from specific locations to help MDG reach coveted target markets on the Jersey Shore.

Integrating blog topics with the SEO strategy really helped move the needle when it came to boosting organic traffic. MDG’s work is top-notch and they use a professional photographer to document that work. This pays dividends on visual social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Pairing that imagery with our SEO tactics made sure that we maximized its reach.

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Strategy and Consulting

Twenty-seventeen was MDG’s “Sweet 16” and Bridget wanted to make sure that the milestone was celebrated with the proper fanfare. She and her team created a wonderful video that really tells the story of the firm and the people who work there. It was a tremendous piece of marketing material. However, at over two minutes, it was a bit too long to really leverage on most social media.

Our content production team edited the video down to more manageable chunks so that it could be used as part of an extensive content marketing campaign centered around the 16th-anniversary celebrations.

We also consulted on social media strategy to best leverage the video.

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