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  • Digital Audio Listening to Beat Non-Digital in 2020 – The Buyer’s Journey 94

    It’s podcast week day 4! Digital audio listening is slated to beat non-digital by 2020 according to a new eMarketer report. On today’s episode we talk all about that report focusing on digital audio listening. How does it compare to terrestrial and what’s ad spend like? Digital vs Non-Digital eMarketer’s latest report shows that non-digital audio is still the king, but not for much longer. Digital audio will beat non-digital sources by 2020 according to an eMarketer forecast. And much of that is because of streaming audio and podcasts. More than three-quarters of US internet users will listen to digital…

    Matt McGrorty - August 23, 2019

  • Mobile Podcast Listening is On The Rise! – The Buyer’s Journey 92

    It’s podcast week day 2! On today’s episode we talk all about a new study from Adobe Analytics on the rise of mobile podcast listening. What does this mean for podcasters and advertisers? We discuss! A Mobile Future George Nguyen reports on Search Engine Land that podcast mobile app usage has risen 60% since January 2018. That’s according according to a study conducted by Adobe Analytics. Furthermore, podcasting’s growth is expected to continue as 45% of listeners say they will listen to more podcasts in the future. One bombshell finding from the stud is that 25% of current podcast listeners began…

    Matt McGrorty - August 21, 2019

  • Podcasts Now Listenable In Google Search Results – The Buyer’s Journey 91

    It’s podcast week day 1! On today’s episode we talk all about Google’s latest search result update that lets you to listen to your favorite podcasts right in the SERP page. What does this mean for podcasters? We discuss! As Easy As 1, 2, 3 Google’s latest search engine update, as they discuss on their blog, makes finding and listening to podcasts super easy. The example Google uses is if you search for “podcasts about Awkwafina. The search engine will then show you playable episodes in search results right alongside web pages, news, images, and videos. Google says they surface…

    Matt McGrorty - August 20, 2019

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Apr. 16, 2018: More Than Half of Marketers Make a Huge Mistake When Advertising on Digital Radio

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses a major marketing mistake: half of marketers are using their terrestrial radio ads on digital radio platforms like Spotify and Pandora without creating alternatives. George Slefo on AdAge has a full report, plus the above stat that comes from a study by Edison Research and NPR. Slefo spoke to Tiffany Ray, managing director of digital strategy at Mindshare North America. “[B]ecause you can access these platforms across personal devices, your car and the connected home, there’s an opportunity to engage consumers depending on how they’re listening, by the device. [Yet] many marketers still put out the same generic…

    Matt McGrorty - April 16, 2018