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  • Commexis Cast – June 25, 2018: Instagram Video is Going Long-form with IGTV!

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses IGTV, Instagram’s newly announced app that is hoping to go toe-to-toe with YouTube with long-form video content! Instagram made the announcement of IGTV at an event in San Francisco, finally proving the rumor of extended length video on the platform. The announcement comes on the heels of the platform reaching 1 billion monthly users, up from the 800m monthly users in September. IGTV will be a standalone app that allows all users to upload videos of up to an hour in length, far exceeding Instagram’s typical video length of a minute. IGTV differs from sites like YouTube,…

    Matt McGrorty - June 25, 2018

  • Commexis Cast – June 20, 2018: Google Releases a Podcast App!

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Google’s release of a podcast app for Android devices with plans for integrate artificial intelligence to offer transcriptions and other features. Google released the new app, called Google Podcasts, yesterday on the Google play store (click here to get it now), and there is no word that the app will be released for iOS. According to Jon Fingas on Engadget,  the app “will sync across virtually everything Google, including Assistant, Home speakers and search.” Certainly an advantage over Apple’s own native podcast app. But that isn’t the only potential advantage the app has. In the future,…

    Matt McGrorty - June 20, 2018

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Apr. 16, 2018: More Than Half of Marketers Make a Huge Mistake When Advertising on Digital Radio

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses a major marketing mistake: half of marketers are using their terrestrial radio ads on digital radio platforms like Spotify and Pandora without creating alternatives. George Slefo on AdAge has a full report, plus the above stat that comes from a study by Edison Research and NPR. Slefo spoke to Tiffany Ray, managing director of digital strategy at Mindshare North America. “[B]ecause you can access these platforms across personal devices, your car and the connected home, there’s an opportunity to engage consumers depending on how they’re listening, by the device. [Yet] many marketers still put out the same generic…

    Matt McGrorty - April 16, 2018