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  • An Easy Way to Boost Trust in Your Brand? Try an Influencer

    It’s day two of Influencer Marketing Week here at Commexis, and today we’re looking at how influencers can help bolster a potential customer’s faith in your brand as they progress along the buyer’s journey. As we discussed on The Commexis Cast yesterday, the buyer’s journey contains five “steps” a customer takes on their path to buying your product or service and maintaining a relationship with your business. One of the key steps before a purchase is the consideration stage. This stage takes place after the awareness stage, meaning a user should already know about, or be generally aware of, your…

    Matt McGrorty - August 07, 2018

  • Commexis Cast – June 19, 2018: Improving Facebook Audiences with Instagram!

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses brands using Instagram to improve their audience retention and engagement on Facebook. Tim Peterson reported on Digiday that media companies such as First Media were boosting their Facebook audiences using Instagram as a way to offset the loss of engagement from Facebook’s January algorithm change. In particular, First Media cross-posted Instagram stories to Facebook Stories on their So Yummy and Blusher accounts. Peterson writes that within 10 days, “So Yummy was increasing its Instagram followers by 34 percent to 6,358 new followers a day from what it was adding previously, said Yuval Rechter, First Media’s head of…

    Matt McGrorty - June 19, 2018

  • Commexis Cast – June 18, 2018: Pinterest Expands Their Marketing Partner Program

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Pinterest’s expansion of their Pinterest Marketing Partners Program with partnerships of seven new creative services companies. Pinterest’s Business Blog says that brands will be able to work with Popular Pays, QuickFrame, Shutterstock Custom, Social Native, Vidmob, Vidsy, and The Online Studio when looking to craft video assets for the platform. “These Creative PMPs have built solutions through the Pinterest API that will give brands access to creative development tools that make it easy to build, manage and launch engaging Pins. Marketing Partners can help with everything from developing high-quality creative content to managing complex campaigns to refining targeting and measuring results,” Pinterest said in…

    Matt McGrorty - June 18, 2018

  • Commexis Cast – June 14, 2018: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Feedback System

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Facebook’s brand new ad feedback system, which allows users who have clicked on an ad to rate their satisfaction with that business’ services and products, and could result in a business being banned from advertising on the platform if they receive enough negative feedback. Here’s how the system works: A user clicks on an ad. Sometime in the near future, a Facebook notification will ask the user to leave feedback on the service of that business. Users can choose one of three smiley face emoji that showcase satisfaction, neutrality, or dissatisfaction. Then, users pick whether product…

    Matt McGrorty - June 14, 2018

  • Commexis Cast – June 13, 2018: IHOb Reactions and Two Important Marketing Lessons!

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses the reactions to IHOP’s rebranding to IHOb, the International House of Burgers, and two major lessons every marketer and brand can learn from this change. Our NEW burgers are so burgerin’ good, we changed our name to IHOb. For burgers. Go ahead, burger one today. #IHOb — IHOb (@IHOb) June 11, 2018 IHOP has rebranded into IHOb for a limited time. A week’s long speculation on what the “b” in the name stood crafted theories suggesting “breakfast” or “bacon”. But alas, it was burgers. And it didn’t take long for other social media accounts to begin…

    Matt McGrorty - June 13, 2018