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  • Tip Tuesday: 4 Tips for Brainstorming Content Marketing Campaigns

    A good content strategy starts with a good concept meeting. In fact, how well a brainstorming session goes can define how well the content marketing campaign develops. This is because most of the big ideas that are used to guide the smaller efforts in everyday writing and strategy for a campaign most often come from the first few times a team discusses a new project. When the big idea doesn’t come out of those first discussions, it can lead to more drawn-out and painful creative process. It can seem whether a brainstorming meeting goes well comes down to the luck…

    Commexis Staff - September 05, 2017

  • Tip Tuesday: Buck Stale Trends for Innovation in Web Design

    If you run a search for “the top design trends of [insert any year here],” you’ll be unsurprised to learn that each year has its own distinct look and feel to it. Don’t Just Play Follow the Leader In web design, this is especially true since the internet is a highly competitive space where boundaries are constantly being probed and adjusted to give new sites the appearance of something fresh and exciting. The ability to share ideas globally through the internet has accelerated the process of digital art movements in all directions, and the pieces of web design that stick…

    Adam Weaver - August 29, 2017

  • Tip Tuesday: Understanding Long-Tail Keywords

    Many people hear the term “keyword” with regard to SEO or digital marketing and think of short search terms such as “Digital Marketing,” “Digital Marketing Agency,” or maybe even “Digital Marketing Agency Near Me.”  These are all excellent example of keywords that we might want to optimize a website for, but the concept of a keyword in SEO and digital marketing can go so much deeper than this. In the highly competitive world of SEO where Google’s algorithm is changing regularly there are opportunities that go far beyond short search terms. They are known as “Long-tail Keywords,” and they can…

    Amy Leach - August 15, 2017

  • Tip Tuesday: HED Memorable Photos in a Few Clicks

    Regardless of your capabilities behind a camera, any image that you take can benefit from a little enhancement—maybe an extra hit of sharpness or a boost in color. You have a plethora of filters for those that you take with your iPhone or Android (Instagram alone has at least two dozen and counting). While there’s Photoshop for budding photo-editors who prefer to work on a desktop, you need to have some understanding of the different adjustment tools in order to make drastic—and eye-catching—artwork. Google’s Nik Collection, with its suite of photo-editing plug-ins, actually pre-dates the filters available for free on…

    Commexis Staff - August 08, 2017

  • Tip Tuesday: For Effective Short-Form Ad Copy, Think Like a Poet

    As a child, I grew up reading, loving and eventually writing poetry. I discovered an old (read: from the 1970s) anthology of poetry that my father had up in our attic, and I quickly read it cover to cover multiple times. I became a fan of Yeats, Keats, Plath–let’s just say the list is endless. I still write poetry to this day, though I’ve yet to publish a chapbook, which is a goal of mine. I’m also a copywriter. Though maybe the whole “working in advertising to pay the bills” thing doesn’t seem to quite mesh with the whole “go…

    Commexis Staff - July 18, 2017