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  • The Brutal Truth About SEO for Lawyers

    We’re about to deliver some harsh truth. We apologize in advance. It’s going to hurt a little, but let’s just rip off the proverbial Band-Aid and get it over with. Are you ready? If you’re a lawyer in the Philadelphia area, relying solely on organic traffic and SEO is not going to win your market. Ouch. That stung a bit, didn’t it? But at least the hard part is over. Now the healing begins. Legal terminology represents some of the most hotly contested “territory” on all of the search engines. With cost-per-click traffic for those terms regularly among the highest-priced…

    Commexis Staff - April 04, 2016

  • No Two SEO Campaigns Are The Same

    No Two SEO Campaigns Are the Same I am often asked how long an SEO campaign will take to show a client results.  Sure I can come up with an estimate, but the reality is that every website is different and will require different amounts of work to help it rank.  Some places are harder to rank for than others, and some professions are much more competitive than others.  These factors will play a role in the amount of time it takes for your SEO campaign to yield results.  It requires a lot of hard work and research for SEO…

    Commexis Staff - January 19, 2015

  • Local Business Landing Pages: Ranking Beyond Your Address

    When your business is located in a big city, the only place you may need to rank is within that city.  This is ideal for SEO.  If your business is located in Philadelphia, and your clients all come from Philadelphia, you can focus your SEO on that city, and Google will make the connection based on your business address, citations, and social media profiles that Philadelphia is the area that you service.  But what if you are located in a small town?  Sure you want to rank within your town, but it would also be nice to pull business from…

    Commexis Staff - October 22, 2014