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  • Commexis Cast Daily – Apr. 13, 2018: Snap Publishers’ Views Are Dropping Significantly Since Redesign

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Snap publisher’s woes with the latest Snapchat redesign, some saying their views have dropped by more than half. Madison Malone Kircher has the full story on NYMag, where many publishers anonymously spoke to her about their worries since the latest Snapchat retooling. For those unfamiliar, Snapchat released a redesign to their app that aimed to separate content from user’s friends and content from publishers. Previously, the content had lived one page where users could find their friend’s Snap stories, and then the publisher content. Now, a page is devoted to each. One source that Kircher spoke…

    Matt McGrorty - April 13, 2018

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Mar. 22, 2018: LinkedIn Introduces New Mobile Video Filters

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses LinkedIn’s release of Snapchat-esque video filters for their mobile app, and the early roll out of native video uploading to the platform for businesses. In a move that has surprised many and bored others, LinkedIn has released a new feature to their mobile app: video filters. These filters are more akin to Snapchat and Instagram’s “stickers” allowing users to place one of three images onto a video. You can see a small preview, as well as instruction on how to use filters, below. The three available filters allow you to say you’re “On the Air”, request…

    Matt McGrorty - March 22, 2018

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Mar. 15, 2018: eMarketer’s Social Forecast Shows Platform Shifts

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses eMarketer’s latest social forecast showing some platform shift in users ages 25 and younger. The shifts, both up and down, are hitting Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat with Twitter not mentioned in the report. Facebook eMarketer predicts that “Facebook users will rise 0.9% to 169.5 million in 2018, driven by adoption among older age groups. However, there will be declines between 5.6% and 9.3% among users under 25, for a loss of 2.1 million.” Phillip and Matt suggest that the decline in younger users could be attributed to a couple of key factors: weariness in seeing political…

    Matt McGrorty - March 15, 2018

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Feb. 12, 2018: Snapchat Is Trying to Steal Instagram Advertisers With Free Ads!

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Snap’s attempt to nab advertisers away from Instagram by offering free ads on Snapchat, and Facebook’s decline in younger age users. Kurt Wagner on Recode breaks down the specifics of Snap’s latest attempt to gain advertisers. By applying online and submitting a proof of purchase from a Snapchat competitor within the last three months, you may be eligible for “credits in the range of ‘several hundred dollars,’ according to a source.” The move is an interesting tactic, one Phillip believes offers an insight to how desperate Snap is to see more advertisers hopping to the platform….

    Matt McGrorty - February 12, 2018

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Feb. 09, 2018: Why Your Brand Can’t Tweet About The International Sporting Event Taking Place In the East Right Now!

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses why your brand can’t tweet or make social posts about the largest international sporting event in the world, which is taking place right now in the East, and may or may not involve torches at the opening event. We’re of course talking about the Olympics taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. If you were hoping to show some support for the United States’ team, you’re out of luck. Adweek’s Robert Klara explains the infamous Rule 40 found in the Olympic Charter that dictates which brands can, and which cannot, post on social media about the big event….

    Matt McGrorty - February 09, 2018