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  • Experiential Marketing and HBO + Bumble’s First Date Team Up – Commexis Cast – August 24, 2018

    Today’s Commexis Cast is all about experiential marketing; what works, doesn’t work, how to measure ROI, and HBO and Bumble’s interesting team-up.  Experiential Marketing and The Buyer’s Journey Experiential marketing touches on every stage of the buyer’s journey, but today is Friday, so we’re taking a look at the advocacy stage. So, your users are purchasing and hopefully in the retention process. Now, in advocacy, customer reviews, referrals to friends and coworkers, and a whole lot more are the “bread and butter”. But, using experiential marketing can strengthen interest from former and current users, as well as gain you many…

    Matt McGrorty - August 24, 2018

  • Commexis Cast – August 10, 2018: Client Advocacy and Influencer Marketing!

    All this week we’ve travel down the stages of The Buyer’s Journey to showcase how influencers play a vital role each step of the way. On Tuesday for our blog post on the consideration, I wrote about how heavily trust and authenticity weigh in a user’s mind when choosing which product or service to buy. But consideration isn’t the only stage when these factors play a role in the buyer’s journey.  In the advocacy stage, satisfied customers share their thoughts and feelings. A couple examples of this are a social media post boasting about how happy they are, a positive Google or…

    Matt McGrorty - August 10, 2018