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  • New Google Changes to Help Push In-Store Purchases – The Buyer’s Journey 76

    New Google changes are adding some great features for advertisers on ad platforms. We discuss what those changes are and how significant they’ll be in today’s episode. Options, Options, Options Seasonality adjustments. During a sale, promotion, or anytime you anticipate a jump in conversions, you can give Google a heads up. Using seasonality adjustments will tell Google’s Smart Bidding system to prepare for an increase and adjust faster. More in-market audience segments. Google expanded its in-market segments to include categories such as beauty, sports, education and real estate, and 30 new retail categories. Marvin reports that “in-market audiences for search are grouped based…

    Matt McGrorty - July 10, 2019

  • 10 Million Items Now Available For Amazon One-Day Shipping – The Buyer’s Journey 66

    Amazon has announced that 10 million items are now available for Amazon Prime One-Day shipping! How are Walmart and Target keeping up? We discuss! A Shipping Label is Worth 10 Million Products During Amazon’s earning’s call, the e-commerce giant put a lot of emphasis on their investment into one-day shipping infrastructure. We’re beginning to see the fruits of that labor with the announcement that 10 million products are now eligible for one-day shipping for Prime members. This comes only a month after Walmart’s dig at Amazon following Amazon’s earning’s call. One-day free shipping…without a membership fee. Now THAT would be groundbreaking….

    Matt McGrorty - June 05, 2019

  • Google’s Mobile Search Redesign Adds “Ad” Label and Organic Listing Favicons – The Buyer’s Journey 61

    Google’s mobile search redesign is adding a black “ad” label to ads and favicons to organic search results. We discuss if this will effect your marketing! The Redesign Google is doing away with the green ad label introduced in 2017. The green label is being replaced with a bold, black label in the top left of the listing. Previously, the green label was below the title of the site with the URL next to it. Its placement made it quite easy to not see when making a quick search (at least in my opinion). The new black label will appear…

    Matt McGrorty - May 28, 2019

  • 49+ Million Instagram Influencers’ Private Contact Info Exposed! – The Buyer’s Journey 60

    A new report from TechCrunch shows that millions of Instagram influencers had their private data exposed from an unsecured database run by a social media influencer marketing company. We discuss the breach in today’s episode. The Instagram Influencers Data Leak Zach Whittaker on TechCrunch reports that a massive database of instagram influencers, celebrities, and brand accounts was found online. The database contained public info scraped from the accounts. That info includes their bio, profile picture, number of followers, verification status, and their location by city and country. In addition, the database contained the private contact information, such as email and…

    Matt McGrorty - May 24, 2019

  • Google Marketing Live 2019: New Ad Types for Marketers – The Buyer’s Journey 59

    There were a lot of big announcements for digital marketers at the Google Marketing Live 2019 conference, and we discuss the new ad types you’ll be seeing in the Google eco-system. Google Marketing Live 2019 Google Marketing Live 2019 took place earlier this month and with it came a slew of new Google info. From app updates to new ad types, digital marketers have a lot to look forward to. Today we’ll be discussing new and improved ad types you should know for your digital marketing campaigns. Discovery Ads Discovery ads are a brand new type of native ad that…

    Matt McGrorty - May 23, 2019