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  • Commexis Cast Daily – Jan. 29, 2018: Voice Assistant Use Rising in Public Spaces

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses a new study by Stone Temple that shows people are more open to using voice assistants in public than last year. Greg Sterling on Search Engine Land does a great breakdown of study, which shows that while people are still much more likely to use voice assistants in their home while alone, there has been a solid increase in individuals using voice in public. In addition, about 16% of people use voice search as their first point of contact when making a search query (mobile came ahead with 44% behind search bar searches at 18%). As the…

    Matt McGrorty - January 29, 2018

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Jan. 08, 2018: The Over Saturation of Third-Party Ad Trackers

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses the frequency of trackers on websites, Facebook’s “5 Graphs to Change the Way You Understand Mobile Video—and TV”, and lukewarm progress the Facebook Journalism Project has made. First, eMarketer’s latest report details just how prevalent third-party ad trackers really are. The data, which comes from Cliqz and Ghostery, “loaded over 144 million web pages in over a dozen countries and found that 77.4% of all websites had at least one third-party tracker.” Furthermore, 16.2% of sites had 10+ trackers. The worry is that overloading a site with trackers can drastically reduce load times and site performance….

    Matt McGrorty - January 08, 2018

  • Commexis Cast Daily – Jan. 03, 2018: Hey Alexa, Where Are My Ads?

    Today’s Commexis Cast discusses rumors that Amazon is in talks with brands to allow some voice search advertisements on their Alexa platform, as well as other potential avenues for voice based marketing. CNBC is reporting rumors that Amazon may soon allow for brands to advertise natively on the B2C company’s Alexa service. Advertisers had tried in the past to advertise on the platform using Alexa skills, which Amazon swiftly shutdown. The aftermath the new rules allowed only radio streaming and news brief skills to play advertisements to customers, and only if those ads didn’t involve interactivity with Alexa or use…

    Matt McGrorty - January 03, 2018