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  • Do You REALLY Own Your Website? How Not To Get Scammed.

    One of the most common issues we see potential clients dealing with are ownership disputes about their website assets—raising the question: “Do you really own your website?” It’s unfortunately a fact-of-life that not all of the people in our industry are committed to providing services ethically and responsibly. An uneducated consumer can find themselves in a real pickle if they don’t do their homework about the agency with which they choose to work. The Commexis team has decades of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing. Some of us come from the agency world, others in-house, and still…

    Phillip Brooks - October 13, 2016

  • Content Management System (CMS) – A Quick 101 Guide

    A web content management system (CMS) is a program that allows content publishing, editing, modification and maintenance from a central interface.  CMS is quickly becoming the preferred platform among clients, both large and small, due to several advantages it has over traditional HTML websites. Centralized Content Management – CMS platforms make it fast and easy to create and edit new pages on demand. It also provides an environment to keep content, such as blog posts, documents, and multimedia items, organized in one location so you can keep track of everything. Integrated Blog – Depending on which CMS you choose, many will provide…

    Commexis Staff - October 16, 2015