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  • Commexis Gives Back

    In addition to being a marketing agency, Commexis is always looking for ways we can embrace our local neighbors, community and beyond, and find opportunities to provide support and a helping hand to those in need. This year, we are proud to announce our involvement with the South Jersey Young Professionals Association (SJYPA) and will be attending and doing our part at their biggest event of the year, the Halo Ball! SJYPA’s Halo Ball is an annual semi-formal gala and a charity event equipped with loads of fun for its attendees including dinner, dancing, an auction and awards – all…

    Commexis Staff - February 24, 2017

  • How To Balance SEO and Design when Building a Business Website

    The thing they don’t teach you in school is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for building a business website. Every business needs to create a website with their target audience in mind. To be sure, there are best practices that guide us in conceptualizing the site. But, the reality is that there are many factors to consider and weigh against having an attractive layout with pretty pictures. The aim is to create a website that your users can navigate intuitively, with a design that looks attractive and with a sitemap that is optimized for search engine optimization. Putting together…

    Adam Weaver - January 03, 2017

  • Do You REALLY Own Your Website? How Not To Get Scammed.

    One of the most common issues we see potential clients dealing with are ownership disputes about their website assets—raising the question: “Do you really own your website?” It’s unfortunately a fact-of-life that not all of the people in our industry are committed to providing services ethically and responsibly. An uneducated consumer can find themselves in a real pickle if they don’t do their homework about the agency with which they choose to work. The Commexis team has decades of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing. Some of us come from the agency world, others in-house, and still…

    Phillip Brooks - October 13, 2016

  • Why WordPress is Right for Your Business

    Have you ever run into a problem with your website and felt helpless, knowing that it would require the expertise of multiple people and take hours to fix? It happens to everyone, and as code fluency becomes more of an expectation across various industries, you may find yourself out of luck. That’s where WordPress comes in. If you’re looking to find a balance between a customizable website without the commitment of a code-heavy platform, then you may want to consider a migration to a WordPress website for your business. Usability It’s actually not quite as hard as it sounds, and…

    Commexis Staff - April 19, 2016

  • My Website Is Not Mobile and I Need To Do Something

    I am not here to tell you that mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop/laptop traffic, you know that already. I am also not here to tell you that over 50% of mobile users start a search for a law firm or professional services company on a mobile search engine, you know this too. However, what I am trying to tell you is that if you have rankings that are driving traffic to your non mobile site on the desktop, you are no longer seeing traffic from the mobile visitor. Sure, your brand is still ranking, to a point, but the…

    Commexis Staff - October 20, 2015