Commexis Cats Daily – April. 02, 2018: Cat Adoption and Fostering with The Voorhees Animal Orphanage!

APRIL FOOLS! We’ve taken this (belated) day of levity to stray away from the typical digital marketing news we cover, and instead focus on something closer to home (and frankly, much cuter). Today’s Commexis Cats Daily is all about adoptable cats and what you can do to help the great people at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. Plus, we’ve got tons of adorable cat footage to share with you.

In particular, we discussed the importance of foster care for newborn kittens. The orphanage environment isn’t as safe for these tiny four-legged friends who are still working to build their immune systems. If you’re interested in helping foster a kitten, visit the VOA’s website by clicking here. You can also find other volunteer opportunities by clicking here.

This might be an April Fools show, but it’s no joke how important donations, volunteering, and animal fostering is to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. After watching the show above, check out their donation Wish List on their site or their Amazon Wish List. Even a small bag of cat food or dog chow can go a long way to making these animals happy and healthy.

Finally, take a look at our Instagram for more adorable photos and videos from our shoot with VAO, and be sure to check out their own Instagram, too!

Today’s cast:  Amy Leach (Commexis SEO Project Manager), Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist), Bill Romaine (VAO Feline Care Manager), and Jennifer Bailey (VAO Marketing Director).

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