Commexis Cast Daily – Apr. 16, 2018: More Than Half of Marketers Make a Huge Mistake When Advertising on Digital Radio

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses a major marketing mistake: half of marketers are using their terrestrial radio ads on digital radio platforms like Spotify and Pandora without creating alternatives. George Slefo on AdAge has a full report, plus the above stat that comes from a study by Edison Research and NPR. Slefo spoke to Tiffany Ray,
managing director of digital strategy at Mindshare North America. “[B]ecause you can access these platforms across personal devices, your car and the connected home, there’s an opportunity to engage consumers depending on how they’re listening, by the device. [Yet] many marketers still put out the same generic 15- or 30-second audio ad. They treat digital audio like terrestrial radio, and that’s the biggest mistake you can make.”

Matt and Phillip explain one of the big differences between terrestrial radio and digital radio advertising. Terrestrial advertising requires generic spots for “shotgun blasting” to different demographics, while targeted ads are created for individual stations based on their demographics. Digital radio, on the other hand, allows more targeted messaging to reach audiences based on listening patterns, playlist themes, and playlist moods. Slefo writes, “Canada Dry launched a campaign focused on ‘relaxing harder,’ where the company aimed to get its message across by targeting people listening to Spotify’s ‘chill’ playlist with audio, display and video ads, as well as commercial free ‘sponsored sessions.'” While a company could approach multiple radio stations, or a radio network, with their ads and pick and choose based on the demos there, digital radio allows for specific genre and feeling.

Ultimately, marketers should be giving much more thought when advertising on these digital radio platforms.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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