Commexis Cast – August 3, 2018: Facebook Launches Playable Ads for App Developers

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Facebook newest ad type: playable ads! These ads can feature demos of mobile app games that allow users a taste of the full experience. 

Ginny Marvin on Marketing Land reports that new ad type was announced by Facebook last Friday at the ChinaJoy gaming convention, and has released globally.

Rick Kelley, VP of global gaming at Facebook, said in a statement, “With playable ads, advertisers can now give players a chance to experience a game in Feed before they install it, creating higher intent. And through two additions to our value suite, game developers can more efficiently reach their most valuable players — whether they’re optimizing for payers or for retention.”

So, what does this mean for marketers who aren’t advertising gaming apps? In the podcast, Josh and I discussed how this is the first stepping stone for Facebook in creating new ad types for mobile app marketers. Marvin points out that Google is ahead of Facebook already. What I’m particularly interested in is the opportunity for the advancement of ad types into the realms of VR and AR. Previously on the podcast, Phillip and I discussed IKEA’s Place app that allows for users to place furniture in their environment using AR technology to see if the color and style of the chair would be appropriate. I wonder if the same could be done in a more advanced ad type, offering a demo of a particular item without requiring the user to download a separate app.

Marvin also writes that a minimum return on ad spend (ROAS) feature will be launching the coming weeks, allowing advertisers to “be able to set a minimum spend to target users that the system determines are most likely to make in-app purchases.” This isn’t useful for gaming apps, but for other apps that require in-app purchases, as well.

Today’s cast: Josh Lyons (Commexis Social Media Intern) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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