Commexis Cast – August 9, 2018: Meme Accounts + Instagram = Great ROI?

On today’s Commexis Cast we kick off Influencer Marketing Week Day 4 with a look into brands using meme accounts in place of human influencer marketing tactics, and some are finding a better ROI than expected.

Today is Thursday, which means we’re in the Retention stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Retention comes after purchase, which means your user has already bought your product or service. Now, it’s your job (or your agency’s job) to retain those customers throughout your process. This could include having a customer finish your sign-up requirements, sending e-mails remind users about upcoming sales, or generally reminding a user about your product. 

So, how can memes help retention? First, we need to see how meme accounts are compared to regular influencers.

Digiday’s Lucinda Southern spoke to social media agency Cult LDN about campaigns their running for clients using meme accounts, in particular a campaign for streaming service Huya. Cult LDN is using meme accounts centered around “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” to push Huya’s brand, labeling each meme with a Huya logo at the bottom and copy encouraging using the site.

One of the posts sponsored by Huya.

Southern spoke to CEO of influencer platform Fanbytes, Tim Armoo, who said, “For 1 million followers, you could be paying $15,000 to a human influencer, and for 1 million followers on a meme account you’d be paying about $1,000.”

Some of the benefits of using a meme account as opposed to a human influencer is the flexibility of messaging. After all, most influencers have a particular style or voice to their content, while meme accounts can be much more freeform. However, that also opens up potential brand safety issues. It’s easier to tell what a particular influencer might do or talk about, but a meme account could share an unexpectedly controversial meme.

In addition, Rebekah, Josh, and I aren’t 100% certain on how much better using a meme account is, particularly when building trust and authenticity with an audience. While the content meme pages post are often highly engaging and relatable, without an individual as the “face” of the account it becomes difficult for users to relate to.

Furthermore, the increased ROI isn’t surprising. When a meme account only costs $1,000 for a million followers, the requirements for a return is much lower than when spending $15,000 for a human influencer. Like I wrote about on Tuesday, meme accounts could be helpful for small businesses in the same way micro-influencers are, but I wouldn’t go all in just yet.

So back to the question: how can meme accounts help with retention? Memes have the particular superpower of being highly relatable, instantly shareable, and (relatively) quick to make. These help constantly remind your customers of your product or service (as well as hitting many other steps in the Buyer’s Journey). With Huya in particular, reminding users of when a show will be streamable on their platform is a significant signal boost. If you think of retention less as a bear hug for your consumer, and more of a gentle nudge here or there, it’s easy to see how these gentle reminds can open doorways.

That said, it is ultimately up to your marketing team to do the due diligence of ensuring a quality influencer, whether that be a human or a meme account.

Today’s cast: Rebekah Milsted (Commexis Social Media Manager), Josh Lyons (Commexis Social Media Intern), and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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