Commexis Cast Daily – Dec. 11, 2017: The Dark Side of E-mail Trackers

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Wired’s report on e-mail trackers: their prevalence, the usefulness, and the unexpected dark side of the data. Plus, traditional advertising is still an importance piece of the puzzle in a growing digital world.

Wired’s Brian Merchant explains the rise of embedded e-mail trackers in correspondence, and the users aren’t just businesses, but friends and family, too. 269 billion e-mails are sent everyday, Merchant explains, and over 40 percent of those contain trackers. Merchant warns that scammers could use the data gathered from these trackers (Time Opened, IP Address, Location, Type of Device That Opened the E-mail) for nefarious purposes beyond stealing your identity. The Cast weighs in on whether this is as big a threat as Wired makes it out to be, or if this is just one more thing to be aware of in our connected world.

Aaron Baar on MediaPost breaks down a recent survey that found, “more than 1,000 consumers in the U.S. by business-to-business ratings and reviews firm Clutch advertisements influence 90% of consumers to make a purchase, and many are doing so after seeing or hearing an ad on TV (60%), in print (45%), online (42%) and on social media.” Phillip and Len explain Commexis’ focus on maintaining a balanced strategy that can contain traditional avenues of advertising, when appropriate.

Finally, AdWeek has released their 10 Best Ads of 2017. Some personal favorites include Burger King’s “Bullying Jr.” and Instagram’s “Stories are Everywhere”. Click the link and check out some fantastic work in the industry.

Today’s cast: Len Ward (Commexis President), Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster), and Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) with special guest appearance by James Van Horn (Commexis Paid Placement Specialist).

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