Commexis Cast Daily – Dec. 20, 2017: Chrome’s Ad Blocking Update Gets a Release Date!

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses the announcement of the release of Google Chrome’s ad blocking update in early 2018, influencer marketing requiring “authenticity”, and video being 61% of mobile app marketing.

There’s been a lot of discussion earlier in the year about when Google Chrome’s ad blocking update will hit the browser. Yesterday, Google announced February 15th as the release date for the update. Ads will be blocked based on violation of standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads (CFBA). This includes “autoplay videos with automatic sound and prestitial countdown ads, which are full-page takeovers that activate before entering a site.” If you’re uncertain if your ads are meeting the conditions, don’t fret. According to AdExchanger’s James Hercher, “[b]eginning in January, the [CFBA] will certify publishers and supply-side networks that agree to abide by the standards and block ads to those that don’t” using their Better Ads Experience Program.

Aaron Baar on MediaPost breaks down new research from CITE Research, commissioned by Olapic, that discusses consumers’ desire for “authenticity” in influencer marketing. Baar explains, “42% said ‘authenticity’ was a top reason for trusting an influencer,” though that may make brands who wish to control their message more a bit uneasy. For those brands, however, it’s important to remember that “nearly a third (31%) said they have purchased a product or service based on social influencer content. Additionally, nearly a quarter said they have made a recommendation based on a post.” So, maybe letting an influencer have a little leeway isn’t too bad of a thing.

eMarketer’s Rahul Chadha shares new data from Ad Colony that shows nearly 61% of app install marketing budget was spent on video. Specifically, “most of that—30%—was directed toward full-screen video, while 24% of app install ad spending went to social video. In-feed video accounted for substantially less than either of those, at 7%.” Check the full stats in the image below. For those working on app advertising, these numbers are hard to ignore.

Today’s cast: Len Ward (Commexis President), Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster), and Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist).

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