Commexis Cast Daily – Jan. 08, 2018: The Over Saturation of Third-Party Ad Trackers

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses the frequency of trackers on websites, Facebook’s “5 Graphs to Change the Way You Understand Mobile Video—and TV”, and lukewarm progress the Facebook Journalism Project has made.

First, eMarketer’s latest report details just how prevalent third-party ad trackers really are. The data, which comes from Cliqz and Ghostery, “loaded over 144 million web pages in over a dozen countries and found that 77.4% of all websites had at least one third-party tracker.”

Furthermore, 16.2% of sites had 10+ trackers. The worry is that overloading a site with trackers can drastically reduce load times and site performance. Phillip explains how site owners are going to need to keep a tight leash on just how many trackers they’re using.


Second, the Cast discusses Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson’s breakdown of Facebook’s latest blog post on “5 Graphs to Change the Way You Understand Mobile Video—and TV.”

As you can see, the non-skippable pre and mid-roll ads seem to have the highest success compared to the other portions of Facebook mobile video advertising. But there’s an important note: this data is based on watch time, not completion rate, and we can’t see any numbers. So, how useful is this data, really? The Cast weighs in.

Finally, the Cast discusses Lucia Moses’ piece on Digiday on The Facebook Journalism Project’s lukewarm first year.

Today’s cast: Len Ward (Commexis President) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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