Commexis Cast Daily – Jan. 17, 2018: YouTube Changes Ensure Brand Safety

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses YouTube’s changes to its Partner’s Program that are meant to ensure better brand safety for advertisements on the platform. AdWeek’s Lauren Johnson reports that the YouTube Preferred Partners Program, which has seen major controversies in the past, will now have each second of each video vetted for adherence to the site’s guidelines. All videos globally will be vetted by March, Johnson writes, with videos in the U.S. being vetted by February.

That’s not the only change Google is making to YouTube. Channels hoping to monetize their videos must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time to qualify for the Partner Program. YouTube says that 99% of users affected by this change made less than $100 a year on the platform, though that hasn’t stopped some small creators from worrying. 

In addition, YouTube will be rolling out an ad buying system with three tiers. Johnson writes, “One option caters to brands that are sensitive about where their ads appear. On the other end, a broad-based option lets brands buy ads across a bigger section of videos. The middle option—which is the default option—plays between, with targeted ads that still reach a significant number of channels.”

So, what do these changes mean for your business? The Cast breaks down exactly what you should and shouldn’t be worrying about with this change, and what to expect going forward.

Our second story for today: One in nine online accounts are opened fraudulently, writes Maria Deutscher on Silicon Angle. ThreatMetrix’s latest report details just how common fraudulent accounts are in wake of the Equifax breach, and how likely someone is to have their online accounts hi-jacked. Definitely click the link for some eye opening numbers.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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