Commexis Cast Daily – Jan. 23, 2018: Chatbots and Digital Transformation

Today’s Commexis Cast is all about Chatbots. From implementation to early successes on Facebook Messenger, chatbot use is growing at an incredible rate. Digitally transforming your businesses using burgeoning technology can be intimidating, but we’ve got the information to help set your mind at ease.

Columnist Jay Baer on Martech Today writes three things you’ll want to keep in mind while implementing chatbots to enhance the user experience. The most important takeaway from Baer’s piece is to remember that chatbots are a tool, not a means to replace customer service employees to save some cash. The success or failure of your chatbot integration can hinge on a lack of strategic thinking and unwillingness to spend resources on it. You’ll also want to remember that its the user experience you’re trying to curate. Baer writes, “Chats should offer better customer experiences, with tools that keep customers informed throughout the process. The technology must respect consumers’ time in a world where it’s one of the most valuable commodities available.” If you use chatbots merely as an alternative to the typical customer service experience, you’re setting your business up for failure.

eMarketer has an excellent chart showcasing areas where chatbots are less preferred by users, and many where human interaction could be replaced by a chatbot. The information below, however, isn’t meant to scare away brands in the fields that see a higher preference for human interaction. Rather, brands should take this data into consideration when thinking of how they may use chatbots. While a person may not want a bot to help them receive medical information, they could prefer to schedule an appointment that way.

Finally, some chatbot success. Facebook has been allowing brands and businesses to use chatbots since the launch of Facebook Messenger 2.0 in April 2017, and Rachel Wolfson of VentureBeat reported some major successes at the time of release. Sephora, for instance, saw “an 11 percent increase in booking rates through the Sephora Reservation Assistant” and “an average spend of over $50 from clients who have booked an in-store service via its Messenger assistant.” SnapTravel and Tommy Hilfinger are also among the chatbot successes.

Digital Transformation can be a tricky subject with many forms, but when considering the use of chatbots its clear that the user experience trumps everything else.

Today’s cast: Len Ward (Commexis President), Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist), and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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