Commexis Cast Daily – Jan. 29, 2018: Voice Assistant Use Rising in Public Spaces

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses a new study by Stone Temple that shows people are more open to using voice assistants in public than last year. Greg Sterling on Search Engine Land does a great breakdown of study, which shows that while people are still much more likely to use voice assistants in their home while alone, there has been a solid increase in individuals using voice in public.

In addition, about 16% of people use voice search as their first point of contact when making a search query (mobile came ahead with 44% behind search bar searches at 18%).

As the individual’s preference for voice continues to grow, so too do the opportunities for advertisers to market their services using the features of voice assistants, or to advertise directly on some services. An eMarketer report from December 2017 shows just how willing some people would be to hearing ads through their in-home voice assistants. The answer: quite low.

While the user opinion towards direct advertisements on these platforms seems low, the ability to appear in the search results of questions asked by users can still be just as relevant as it is normally on the web, especially with the increased use of voice services. In that same eMarketer report, they state that the “number of voice-enabled digital assistant users in the US will grow from 60.5 million this year to 75.5 million by 2019.” Furthermore, “nearly nine in 10 people who had a voice assistant talked to it every day, while one-third said they used it more than five times per day.”

As voice grows, so too will the platforms ability to help businesses. We’ll keep you up to date on voice assistants and voice search going forward.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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