Commexis Cast – July 16, 2018: Brand Safety: Instagram Clarifies Verification Process

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Instagram clarifying their verification process for brands and creator hoping to get their blue check-marks following an influx of scams offering verification in exchange for thousands of dollars.

David Cohen on Adweek reports that the Facebook owned social media platform is shedding light on it’s verification process to help ensure better transparency with brands and creators. The new form will ask “all accounts that are notable and authentic” for a full name, a list of usernames, and a photo ID to prove their identity.

While transparency is at the forefront of this change, the elimination of scams is another. Some users were paying anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 on an Instagram black market to receive a blue verification check-mark, Kerry Flynn reported in September, then with Mashable. In a statement Instagram said, “We hope this new form will not only give people the opportunity to apply, but also help them better understand the verification process and safeguard them from believing false promises of verification from third parties.”

The new form is currently being tested in Australia for iOS users and will be coming to Android soon. We’ll be keeping a watch on this new verification process as it continues.

Today’s cast: Rebekah Milsted (Commexis Social Media Manager) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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