Commexis Cast – July 17, 2018: Key Influencer Marketing Concepts At Vidcon

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses three important influencer marketing concepts discussed at VidCon: trust, authenticity, and creative control.

Vidcon, a convention full of panels by creators and brands on how to make influencer marketing more successful, had upwards of 30,000 attendees; some fans eager to meet their favorite creators, some brands looking for marketing potential, and some creators hoping to say hello to viewers and brands.

Nicole Bitette on V by Viacom wrote about the panels during the convention, which ran late last month. The event’s keynote featured Brian Solis, the principal analyst of Altimeter Group, who made a point that, as Bitette writes, “as few as 5 percent of brands are interested in building relationships with influencers—as opposed to signing one-off campaigns with them—according Traackr and Altimeter, a Prophet company.”

During a panel, Benny Fine, of The Fine Bros fame, said that when it comes to choosing sponsorships. “[Authenticity] becomes how can you make something that doesn’t feel so branded that it turns your audience off while at the same time being something that feels authentic to your brand.”

Many creators mentioned something similar, emphasizing that some brand deals can be created from brands that creator already supports. Matt Steffanina, a 31 year old professional dancer with 8 million subs on YouTube, said, “What am I always wearing in my videos? I’m wearing Jordans, I’m wearing a fitted hat. If you are a brand and you notice somebody is always tagging you in photos: that’s a great opportunity. People will be so much more receptive to something that’s already currently happening in their videos and so will the fans.”

These kind of deals not only showcase authenticity, but can also build trust. Multiple videos created by the same creator rather than separate creators can be the start of a great relationship.

Creative control, of course, can be a sticky subject some brands don’t want to hand completely over. For creators, however, it’s a deciding factor in making a partnership with a brand. Often creators are the most tuned in to what their audience wants. Andrea Brooks, creator of the channel Andrea’s Choice with 4.2 million subs, says that reading off a script of from bullet points doesn’t make the greatest content. “I know my viewers and when I’m just rambling on about something for so long,” she says, “I honestly feel like it’s counterproductive like out of anger they don’t want to buy your product because I made them sit through two minutes of selling this lotion.”

Matt and Phillip also mention to of their favorite podcasts that use a lot of creative control in their advertising, which often leads to much longer spot reads for advertisers. Here’s a snippet of Phillip’s suggested podcast, Never Not Funny featuring Todd Glass. And here’s a link to Matt’s suggested podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me by The McElroys.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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