Commexis Cast – July 6, 2018: YouTube May Be Increasing The Number of Ads On Videos

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses an anecdotal reports of YouTube’s increase ad serving on longer videos, as well as creators tweaking their content length to better match YouTube’s algorithm.

Amy Gesenhues on Marketing Land reported that Dan Shure, SEO consultant and podcast host, found that 6 ads were being served on a 17 minute long YouTube video. The ads consisted of two skippabled pre-roll, two mid-roll ads a third of the way through the video, and two mid-roll ads two-thirds of the way through the video on the Maschine Master’s channel. You can find a link to a video showcasing the increase in in ads here.

When Marketing Land reached out to YouTube for comment, they received the following response: “Our goal is to ensure ads are useful and relevant to users. The amount of ads that a user sees will vary based on a number of factors including ad preferences and the dynamics of auction and advertiser demand.”

The increase in video ads isn’t just being noticed by SEO experts, either. YouTube creators have been modifying their content to best react to YouTube’s algorithm shifts. Tim Peterson on Digiday spoke with many popular YouTube creators who say they’ve been lengthening their videos for that exact reason. Not only does the algorithm prefer longer videos, as retention rates tend to be better with that content, but there’s an increased likelihood of having ads placed on that video. Furthermore, users may be less inclined to bounce away from an ad halfway through a 12 minute video, while the same ad halfway through a six minute video would fair worse.

That said, Phillip and I discussed our displeasure with having six ads on one YouTube video. Phillip noted that he’d likely abandon the video if presented with that many ads. While I’m not so sure I would, as four mid-rolls ads reminds me a lot of traditional TV, I can’t image investing that much into a video and then abandoning it. Perhaps that’s just because I don’t tend to watch traditional TV anymore (hello Twitch and Youtube) and therefore my alternatives would just be other videos.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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