Commexis Cast – June 12, 2018: GDPR’s Affect on Paid Search and Social Ad Prices

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses what’s on every marketer’s mind: how has the GDPR has affected ad prices in the EU and the US following the May 25 “launch” date?

eMarketer’s Ross Benes explains in depth the rise of ad prices in the US, and their fall in EU, following the GDPR. Benes writes, “Ezoic analyzed CPMs for 126 different publishers, to see how the GDPR may have affected their ad prices. An equal number of publishers in the study—42 each—came from the US, the EU and the rest of the world (excluding Asia). Ezoic found that while ad prices dropped in the EU following the GDPR enforcement date of May 25, they actually rose in the US.”

Our Paid Placement Specialist James Van Horn explained that this rise in prices is expected following the new regulations. Many sites who cannot meet the new rules are stopping advertising, or shutting down completely, which closes the amount of ad space available. Therefore, the cost of placing ad rises. In the case of Facebook, it is likely that they’re hiring data officers to ensure that compliance is met, as many other sites may be doing, and that rise in cost may be to temper that expense.

Benes also wrote about the increased dissatisfaction consumers have with companies selling their data, or using their data to target ads toward them. A May Salithru survey showed that a majority of the 2000 respondents were “very uncomfortable with brands buying and selling their data.” This comes as little surprise given the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal that came to light in March.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist), James Van Horn (Commexis Paid Placement Specialist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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