Commexis Cast Daily – Mar. 05, 2018: New Study Finds YouTube Influencer Videos Are Less Brand Safe Than Expected

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses a new study analyzing the brand safety of the top 17 YouTube influencers channels, and found that a majority contain “brand unsafe” content. The study was performed and published by Delmondo, who analyzed the 25 most recent videos from the top 17 YouTube influencers using Uru’s Brand Safety API. Each video was given a 1 starting score that would decrease for each strike found against it based five weighted measurements:

  • Unsafe objects and themes such as weapons, drugs, terrorism, and celebrity scandals;
  • Unsafe language such as profanities, misogyny, and hate speech;
  • Paid or sponsored content;
  • Negative sentiment;
  • Not safe for work material (nudity and extreme violence).

The study found that about 67% of videos contained unsafe language, and 61% had negative sentiment. If you’re wondering what “negative sentiment” is qualified as, don’t worry, we were, too. Phillip and I discussed what negative sentiment could potentially mean, as well as anecdotal cases in the past where YouTube videos have been demonitized for having negative sounding titles.

An important statistic revolved around channels with Brand Safety Scores of .7 or higher. These channels had 38% higher average views per video and 73% higher average engagements per video. Those below the .7 threshold had 26% fewer average views per video and 51% fewer average engagements per video.

Ultimately, if your brand is thinking of pushing into influencer marketing, it is important to do detailed research into potential influencers. Does the influencer’s audience and your audience align? Do our brand’s thoughts align well enough with this influencer? What content does the influencer make? Do they have a history of “poor choices”? These questions, and more, will help you best determine which influencers are right for you.

You can request the in-depth Delmondo report here.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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