Commexis Cast Daily – Mar. 06, 2018: Google Search Is Coming to iMessage!

Today’s Commexis Cast discusses Google’s latest announcement integrating Google search results with iMessage and other iOS browsers. Plus, Facebook will be giving new “Breaking News” tags to 50 publishers.

First, Google search results integration into iMessage and other browsers was announced Monday on their blog. The integration will allow users to search from within iMessage, as well as find local information such as restaurants and the weather from a simple click. Users will also be able to quickly share this information with the person they’re messaging, as you can see below.

Another new feature allows users to find search results related to articles or pages users are on in any browsers. The .gif below shows this in greater detail.

iOS 11 users will also have additional functionality present went using the Google App. Users will be able to “drag and drop to quickly and easily move text, images and links to and from the Google app. If you’re reading a great article on the Google app, tap and hold to pick up the link and drag it into iMessage to share with a friend, or into Notes to save for later.”

If you’re interested in using these new features, you’ll have to make sure your Google app is up to date, or download if from the app store.

Secondly, Facebook will be allowing 50 select publishers to use a “Breaking News” tag on their posts. The tag is only usable once a day, lasting for 6 hours, and can be placed on Instant Articles, mobile and web links, and Facebook Live’s. Publishers will also have 5 reserve tags each month should any breaking news happen multiple times during a day. Users will also be able to flag posts they don’t believe qualifies as “Breaking News”.

On average, publishers that used the new tag, such as The Washington Post,  in a test from December 8th to January 14th received a “4% lift in clickthrough rate, 7% lift in Like, 4% lift in Comments, [and a] 11% lift in Shares.”

For more on Facebook’s “Breaking News” tag, check out their blog.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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