#CommexisConvo – Rebekah Milsted, Social Media Manager!

#CommexisConvo – Rebekah Milsted, Social Media Manager!

Welcome to #CommexisConvo! Each week we’ll be featuring profiles of the Commexis employees who make your digital marketing campaigns soar! Today we’re speaking with our Social Media Manager Rebekah:

Question (Q): What’s your morning beverage of choice?

Answer (A): An Iced coffee, yes even in the winter time. The flavor depends on the season, especially in the fall. It’s always pumpkin!

(Q): What did you think was cool when you were young, but isn’t cool now? Do you hope it has a comeback?

(A): I followed most of the 90’s fads. I think one I was most into was cabbage patch kid dolls which I believe are still around but may not be popular.

(Q): What’s the most useless talent you have?

(A): I am one of the people who can roll their tongue.

(Q): If you had a theme song, what would it be? And why?

(A): Take me out to the ball game. Why? If I could I would be at every single Phillies game or something country because that’s what you can always find me listening to.

(Q): What is your favorite part about being a social media manager?

(A): With the different range of our clients, I enjoy the challenge of coming up with different post ideas for each type of business. One day I can be researching ideas for a law firm and the next can be for an auto parts company.

(Q): What’s the best part about working for Commexis?

(A): I started at Commexis when there were only four other people, it’s been cool to see how Commexis is beginning to grow but as we are growing we still remain a family.

Thanks to Rebekah for taking the time to answer our questions! Have any questions you’d like to hear our employees answer? Let us know, and check us out next week for more!

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