Commexis Debuts On-Site Video and Podcast Production Studio

Commexis Debuts On-Site Video and Podcast Production Studio

To further our commitment towards providing the best service for our clients, Commexis is proud to unveil our new on-site video and sound production studio.

With this equipment, we can now shoot and edit videos as well as record and edit podcasts entirely in-house.

Do you have a collection of happy clients that are willing to provide video testimonials for your business, but are worried about the quality of video shot on your phone? We can help.

New to podcasting?

Does your product need video to really shine? We have the equipment to get your campaign going.

Our videographer, Matt McGroarty gives us a run-down of the studio:

  • A Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder that shoots HD video with high quality audio channel inputs.
  • A 1202VLZ4 soundboard with 12 channels and four Lavaliere mics for high quality podcast and voice over audio recording, with a Behringer amplifier for easy listening.
  • Three-way lighting equipment for in-studio or field shooting.
  • A professional-quality green screen.

Looking to take your content to the next level? Commexis is ready. Contact us today!

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