Commexis Intern Diary: One Month In

After being at Commexis for a few short weeks, I’ve gotten into a routine. I wake up at 7:15, go downstairs, eat a bowl of cereal, go back upstairs, get ready, and hit the road around 8:30. As difficult as it may be being a college kid who loves her sleep, getting out of bed and going through this morning routine is completely worth it.

I never know what to expect walking through the doors of the orange office. I could be headed into a bunch of meetings in the morning, and spending the afternoon writing social posts. The next day I could go from a phone call with a client directly into sitting in on a podcast recording. The day’s tasks vary, but that’s what makes it so interesting. Although I’m in my own little corner in the office, I can still see all the minutia of agency life.

What I’ve taken away so far is how much of a team effort an agency truly is. You have the salesman pitching a web campaign for a possible client, the creative team coming up with a concept, followed by the web developers and writers creating a website. Once the site is launched, the SEO manager puts in keywords for future customers to find the new website based on painstaking research on search trends. While that’s going on, copywriters write blog posts on the content of the business while the social team puts the blogs out into the world. The cycle continues with constant communication between each team, making sure everyone is in the loop.

My favorite part of any day is getting to go into meetings about clients and hearing everyone’s ideas. Each person in this office has a creative voice that builds these campaigns. It truly is all about collaboration in the advertising field. If one person isn’t doing their job, the cycle falls flat. It’s important for you to voice your ideas but also consider others as well. Your team members could have a completely different take on a campaign and that is completely acceptable. Even though you may not always start off on the same page, you meet in the middle to make the client happy.

It’s crazy to think that as an intern I’ve been able to voice my opinion and ideas. Pop culture depicts interns in the light of the coffee runner or paper shredder which has been my perception of interns. But being at Commexis, I’m much more than that. In fact, I’m nowhere near that!

I get to learn from professionals daily. They take me seriously allowing me to pitch my ideas and post my own content. It’s giving me the confidence to believe in myself and experiment with ideas that I may have been afraid to pursue in the past. Even when my ideas aren’t exactly what clients are looking for, I’m giving it my best shot. Every piece of criticism is constructive. It allows me to learn from my mistakes and better myself as a professional.

I can’t believe I’ve already been at Commexis for almost a month. It feels like an absolute whirlwind. From all the knowledge I’ve learned, to the engagements with professionals and clients, to the experiences I’ve been a part of, I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at on my journey. I get excited waking up, going through my morning routine, and heading to work. I know every day I get to learn something new which excites me for the future.

Hannah is pursuing a dual major in Advertising and Marketing at Rowan University. In her spare time, she loves going down the shore and dancing around at concerts.

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