Commexis Intern Diary: Week One

Commexis Intern Diary: Week One

It’s always a little nerve-wracking starting a new job. You have no idea what to expect. Will you be welcomed with open arms? Will you feel comfortable in this new environment? It leads to dressing to the nines because you aren’t sure what is office appropriate, showing up a half-hour early to make sure you make a great first impression, and walking through those doors with endless thoughts running through your head.

Coming in as a college student differs from someone who has years of experience. You’re used to lifeguarding at the pool or attending to children as a camp counselor. Entering a professional workspace is an entirely different ballgame. Within the first hour of this internship, I attended a weekly meeting discussing the main tasks of the week with people from all different departments. The meeting consisted of going over clients and seeing what would be best to promote them. I did not understand half of the phrases they were using. I was in total shock wondering if I was cut out for this. But that’s where I as an intern needed to stop comparing myself. The people I am surrounded by were once like me. They were students trying to find their place in the world, discovering what makes them happy. They had the same struggles I have but through their experiences, they have become the professionals they are. They are here to guide me in the right direction and teach me things I never thought I would ever need to know.

Within the first week already have already absorbed so much. I’m a sponge soaking in everything that everyone has to say. From being taught the different programs that are used, or the behind the scenes of what makes an advertisement successful, I am already learning so much more than I ever thought I would. I feel so privileged to be in an environment where people want to succeed. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me.

No matter if you’re starting as an intern or as an experienced professional at a new place, nerves are OK. As terrifying as it is to enter this new world, you must remember you were hired for a reason. You stood out from everyone else seeking this position. They saw potential in you. Keep that in the back of your head as you start this journey. Use this time as a learning experience. Write notes, listen to your colleagues, and be in the moment. You will discover things about yourself that you probably had no idea even existed. Be excited about what’s to come and make the most of it.

Hannah is pursuing a dual major in Advertising and Marketing at Rowan University. In her spare time, she loves going down the shore and dancing around at concerts.

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