Commexis is Growing

Commexis is Growing

Commexis is growing quickly, and out-growing our office space went from a possible future to an imminent one. We took this as an opportunity to build the perfect office for us. It’s still a work-in-progress, but there’s been a lot of changes to our home recently.

Check out some of the cool new toys we’ve gotten!

Video/Podcast Production Studio

We expect video and other types of passive content such as podcasts to continue to dominate marketing strategy. As such, we’ve created an advanced studio in-house with all the bells and whistles. Whatever your content production needs, our studio is equipped to handle them. Look for more video and podcast content from us as well!

Creative and Sales Suite

Our creative and sales teams needed a space all their own to better serve our clients. We wanted that space to reflect what makes our brand tick. Commexis understands the value of branding. We will show your brand that same kind of commitment to messaging and design.

Meeting Room

Our new meeting room has been expanded to accommodate more clients. It’s also a nice meeting space for brainstorming with the staff.


Work Stations

New team members need a comfortable, collaborative space in which to work. Nailed it!


Who better than the Wizard of Menlo Park to inspire action to go with our ideas? Thomas Alva Edison was a genius, but he was also a savvy (if occasionally ruthless) marketer. This is just a sneak peak. More later!

Employee retention is a big focus for our company. Company culture is important to Commexis, which is why we’re so selective in our hiring process. A candidate has to be the perfect fit both skill-wise and personality-wise to get an offer from us, and we expect that anyone we hire will be with us for a long time. This gives Commexis an edge in retaining quality, skilled employees.

Employee Lounge

That doesn’t mean Commexis is above sweetening the pot a little! We’re in the process of building a first-rate employee lounge for our staff. Marketing is a field that moves at an amazing pace and we want our employees to have a place to unwind and recharge, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Right now, we’re keeping what’s in here TOP SECRET. But I bet we’ll have a chance to re-visit the lounge soon enough…

We believe employees who feel appreciated and empowered work harder and provide better results, in turn, for our clients. This is just one of many ways we invest in our employees.

As you can see, Commexis’ rapid growth became an opportunity for us to reinforce our culture AND our aesthetic throughout our new office space. We hope you’ll come in and visit us soon!

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