Commexis Tip Tuesday: Fifty Percent and Booming, Baby!

Commexis Tip Tuesday: Fifty Percent and Booming, Baby!

In 2017 the buying market in the U.S. turns 50.

That is, 50 percent of the population will be 50+ years old. That’s right baby, the boomers are booming. And, they hold 70 percent of the overall disposable income of the United States in their hands.

In addition, Baby Boomers spend the most money across every product category out of any other generation, but are only targeted by 5-10 percent of marketers.

So as a 59-year-old Creative Director and a tie-dyed child of the 60s what does that say to me? Are we the forgotten marketplace or do the talented, young millennials that now dominate the ad business just not know where I’m coming from?

Technology has sharply divided how different generations make purchase decisions

From my perception, it’s a cultural barrier. For Baby Boomers, technology has built a digital wall between the generations. How Boomers make purchasing decisions varies drastically from millennials who grew up in the digital era.

Having access to information about products and services instantaneously means that millennials also have decidedly different paths to purchase for everything from consumer goods to home loans.

An under-served demographic?

Here’s a few tips/stats to consider if you’re the creative guru that needs to come up with a marketing campaign to us Boomers:

  • A whopping 82 percent of Baby Boomers belong to at least one social network, and 71 percent of this group uses social media every day. This means this audience is online and active but at the same time statistics show they do not respond well to online banner ads.
  • The top online activities for Baby Boomers in order from most used to least used are search engines, email and shopping for products/services. The three most effective channels to reach Baby Boomers are television, search and email marketing.
  • Make your message honest and upfront. No fluff–just tell it like it is.
  • Have great customer support. We’re loyal if we believe you give a damn.


But my No. 1 tip would be: when it comes to knowing a boomer like me, don’t depend on market research, data and blogs like this! Get out and talk to some of us. In fact let’s go out and have a beer.

Be social…IN PERSON. We grew up on that and it still works for us!

Peace, Love, Digital


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