Commexis Tip Tuesday: Five Ways to Boost Your Social Engagement

Commexis Tip Tuesday: Five Ways to Boost Your Social Engagement

Do you run your businesses’ social media? Have you ever wondered how to get more social media engagement from your strategy?

Here are our top-five tips to help you build that coveted connection with your audience.

1. Post Questions

Asking your followers questions is a great way to get responses on your posts. Who doesn’t like to share their opinion? Types of questions you can ask is yes or no, would you rather, fill in the blank, etc. They can be questions related to your business, related to timely events such as national days, or whatever you see fit to your followers interests.

2. Add Photos To Your Posts

Everyone knows the famous saying “Pictures are worth a thousand words.” This is true for social posts as well.

3. Show Users What’s Going On “Behind the Scenes.”

Your followers want to feel that personal connection to your business. Sharing staff photos, behind the scenes, new products, etc. will help not only engagement but also that trust factor.

4. Keep It Local

Is your business local? Do you have a national business? When posting you want to consider what time your customers are online. You don’t want to post something and have half of your users miss it because they either at work or sleeping. A great tool for you to use is Facebook insights which can be located on the top navigation bar on your Facebook business page. From the insights you want to click on the posts option. This will tell you the most popular time of day your customers are online.

5. Curated Content

Sharing timely news articles related to your business is a great way to get people talking. It also shows your followers you aren’t just a page focused on solely promoting your business.

These are just a few tips to get your social engagement started as there are tons of tactics out there. If you need assistance Commexis is here to help.

Commexis’ Social Media Manager, Rebekah Milsted graduated from Stockton University in 2013 with a BA and Program Distinction in Communications.

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