Commexis Tip Tuesday: Getting Started with Facebook Live

Commexis Tip Tuesday: Getting Started with Facebook Live

Facebook Live was released earlier this year and has taken off quickly. According to a study done by Global Web Index, 20 percent of Facebook users are watching Facebook Live Videos.

You may be asking yourself who would want to watch live content produced by a business? Well, according to a survey also conducted by Global Web Index 26 percent of people are interested in watching live-streams conducted by brands and companies.

Considering that Facebook has in excess of 1.79 billion (yes, that’s a “B”) active users. If even a fraction of those accounts were to watch your live content, the reach could be astronomical.

Facebook has a great guide to get started using best practices for the platform, but it’s a bit scant on providing a content strategy for your live broadcasts.

Getting Started with Facebook Live for Your Business

That’s what Commexis is here for! Here are some suggestions to maximize the content value for your next Facebook Live event:

  • Tips and Hints: This video could include tips for your followers, for example if you are a personal injury lawyer your followers may enjoy listening to the steps to take if they were in a car accident rather than taking the time to read a blog post.
  • Office Check-In: Another idea could be showing your followers what happens during a typical day at your office. Users like to feel that personal connection and see behind the scenes footage.
  • Live Q&A: You could also do a live FAQ session where the users that tune in can ask you questions about your business, employees or whatever they choose.

These are just some prompts to get you started. The possibilities are endless and Facebook Live isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Consider adding it to your marketing plan—before your competition does.

Commexis’ Social Media Manager, Rebekah Milsted graduated from Stockton University in 2013 with a BA and Program Distinction in Communications.

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