Your Business Has A Voice Via Social Media: What Kind Of Voice Should You Be Putting Out To The World?

Your Business Has A Voice Via Social Media: What Kind Of Voice Should You Be Putting Out To The World?

Everybody has a voice on social media.

Whether you are sharing a funny cat video on your personal page, or you are sharing your expert advice on your business’s page, you are expressing your voice on social media.

When posting on your personal pages, you probably don’t think too much about your voice. After all, this is a personal page which means your voice comes through it naturally. When it comes to your business pages, however, a little bit more strategy should be involved. While only family members and friends may follow your personal page, potential clients may be scrolling through your business page asking themselves whether or not they should hire you. If you haven’t thought about the “voice” that your business’s social media pages are projecting, it may be time to start.

Take a deep breath and think about how you want to be perceived by your clients. Friendly? Helpful? Knowledgeable? A business that gets results? The key to a successful social media campaign is pretty simple: be authentic, be clear, be concise, and be responsive!

Be Authentic

Your potential clients are smart, and they can tell when you are posting low quality content. Why should they care about your content if you yourself don’t even care? You have an opportunity to become a trusted source of information for your clients and to build a reputation for quality. Show your potential clients just how knowledgeable you are about your business, and they will most certainly pick up the phone and give you a call.

Think about what your clients may want to know in order to make their decision on whether or not to hire you. Chances are they want to know if you are experienced in your field and knowledgeable about your work. They probably want to see pictures of your work or products. And certainly, they probably want to get some idea of your personality to see if you are someone they would enjoy working with. These are all elements of your social media voice. Offer your clients the authentic content that they are craving, and you will see positive results.

Be Clear and Concise

When potential customers reach your social media page they are looking to see if you can offer them a service or product to meet their current needs. Clear content that gets straight to the point will help them understand how you can help them.

When creating your authentic content you are also focusing on quality. Quality is always better than quantity, which is why it is important to remain clear and concise. Give your followers your best, because they really don’t need to get bogged down with the rest. Did you take 200 photographs of a job you just did? Offer up the best 10 that will really give your clients a taste of what you are capable of. Once they have a taste, they will be more inclined to pick up the phone to learn more.

Be Responsive

Social media profiles are interactive. Chances are that some of your current and potential clients may try to interact directly with you through them. They may ask a question, air a grievance, or offer a compliment. Don’t ignore them! A thoughtful response can go a long way to show that you care about your clients. Prompting interaction with your followers can also offer you some great insight into what makes your clients tick.

What better way for your clients to hear your voice than when you are interacting with them directly? If you want to be perceived as friendly, caring, or compassionate towards your clients, social interaction is a great way to do it. Not to mention, listening to questions, concerns, and compliments is a great way to learn about improvements you can make towards your business, as well as offer up ideas for future quality content you can write about!

Through social media your clients have the opportunity to get to know you and your business. You can engage with your clients and most importantly you can target potential clients who might be looking for help from a business just like yours. By offering up authentic, good quality content, you are sure to have your voice project to lots of potential clients. So what kind of voice should your business be putting out on social media? Find your voice, and you will certainly see results.

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