Digital Ad Spending Stats of 2016

Digital Ad Spending Stats of 2016

Big news everyone! For the first time in history, digital ad spending will become the largest branch of advertisement spending in 2016. And honestly, it’s about time – this trend has been building for years, and now it seems that we have finally reached the tipping point with the right combination of technology and media influence.

This means that the majority of your advertising – if it isn’t there already – should be digital. Let’s take a look at what the forecasted spending trends are for 2016, and where your company should fall next year. If you’re planning your 2016 digital marketing budget now – and you should be – you’ll want to read this!

Mobile is King

-Mobile ad spending will reach $101.366 billion worldwide in 2016[1]

-Mobile will surpass both print and TV ad spending in 2016[2]

-Mobile will account for 60.4% of all digital ad spending[3]

-Mobile ad spending will increase 160% over the next 3 years[4]

B2B/B2C Content Marketing gets Bigger

-Over 30% of total marketing budget will be dedicated to content for the average company[5]

-88% of B2B companies will use content marketing[6]

-76% of B2C companies will use content marketing[7]

-96% of B2B companies will utilize video ads[8]

SEO & SEM are Still Cool

-SEO spending will reach $30 billion[9]

-Nearly 30% of digital marketing budget will be spent on search – 31% paid vs 18% SEO[10]

-SEO spending will grow over 12%[11]

Social Media Keeps Expanding

-Social media ad spending will hit $30 billion[12]

-3% growth from last year[13]

-Social media ad spending will make up 15.1% of all digital marketing budgets[14]

-Advertisers will spend more than $61.35 per user in 2016[15]

-Twitter will gain 7.5% market share; Facebook will gain 60%, and LinkedIn will hover around 4%[16]

Programmatic Marketing Makes a Jump

-Digital display ad spending will double from 2014 to $20.41 billion[17]

-69% of that will be mobile[18]

-Programmatic video ad spending will reach 40% of all digital video ad spending[19]

-Real time bidding (RTB) will hold 58% of the market share[20]

-Programmatic direct will reach 42%[21]

This of course only scratches the surface. As 2016 unfolds, new trends will emerge and the data will start to change the landscape again. But for now, use these stats as guidelines for where to begin planning, and keep checking back as we continue to do our research and keep you updated on what’s coming next in the digital advertising world.


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