Expandable Featured Snippets, Building Trust in The Consideration Phase of The Buyer’s Journey

One huge way to ensure customers to your site is by having excellent content. Coincidentally, having amazing content also helps Google rank your site better using featured snippets and expandable featured snippets. As Commexis SEO Project Manager Amy explains in her video, featured snippets are little blocks of text and images that give information to a user’s Google search. They’re sometimes called “rich snippets”, as well. Phillip, Amy, and I discuss featured snippets on the podcast frequently, but here’s what you need to know:

  • Featured snippets are excellent sources of quick, useful information.
  • Google chooses the snippets carefully, so having one is a major credibility boost.
  • Featured snippets rank higher on search result pages.
  • Images count, too. (Don’t forget those alt-tags!)

Google recently¬†announced a new form of featured snippet called “expandable featured snippets,” that offers more information in search queries. Expandable featured snippets contain algorithmic-ally chosen tabs with sub-headings that correlate to other related featured snippets. For example, when you search “Quartz vs Granite”, the first featured snippet with pictures and information appears. Next, users see additional featured snippets showing cost, benefits, weight, and durability.

Here’s a screenshot:

An example of expandable featured snippets comparing quartz vs granite.

During the consideration phase of The Buyer’s Journey, your potential customer is researching information about your service and products. That means lots of Google searches. Therefore, an expandable featured snippet will likely increase your chance of success of being seen. Plus, your information will display prominently right at the top of the search page. This high-quality, hard to get real estate can make dramatic differences for your site reputation.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee a featured snippet, but you can increase your site’s potential by creating excellent content that contains useful information. While that might seem easier said than done, your users, and maybe even Google, will thank you.

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