Facebook Groups Gain Pixels, Allowing for Easier Tracking – Commexis Cast, August 30, 2018

Facebook Groups are booming. Now, Facebook is looking for ways to help brands and marketers cultivate better data on engagement in this page type. On today’s Commexis Cast, we discuss why this search is due to Facebook’s newsfeed growth slowing, and demand from brands to gain access to this information. That’s where the pixel comes in.

A Pixel is Worth a A Thousand Words

Facebook groups are getting a pixel, which will allow marketers to better track users being sent to other sites from within the Group. Pixels are tracking tags added to sites that allow better information tracking for marketers. In particular this information shows when a user has visited your site after clicking on a Facebook ad. In addition, Facebook allows you to target that user again within a custom audience, plus offering better conversion optimization. Now, with integration in Facebook Groups, marketers can see when a user has clicked on a link from within the Facebook Group.

Group insights is the hub of information from the pixel. Here’s an example of what it’ll look like now:

Facebook Groups example stats following the addition of a pixel.

Only Facebook Groups with 250 or more members will be able to use a pixel.

Pixel Elated

Don’t let the pixel restriction get you down, Facebook Groups are rapidly becoming staples in media engagement. So much so that when Facebook announced the newsfeed algorithm changes in January, Groups were a suggested way to continue engagement. And it shows.

Slate’s Rebecca Onion writes her experiences on the necessity of Facebook Groups while raising her children. Included are some fantastic quotes from users who cannot fathom leaving the platform. It seems the Groups feature offers too great a wealth of knowledge and experience to even consider abandoning ship.

Rachel Withers, also on Slate, writes of the latest Bridezilla meme spreading through the internet. The post began on a hidden wedding shaming Facebook Group. While the post doesn’t show the best sides of the platform, it certainly shows engagement power.

Facebook Groups Pixel and The Buyer’s Journey

During the retention phase of The Buyer’s Journey, you want your customers and clients to stay engaged with your brand. Whether that’s repeat returns to your site, or pure social media engagement, keeping them coming back with result in more conversions down the road.

The Buyer's Journey and Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to achieve this goal. High engagement with your brand, and with other users, ensures users keep returning to your site.

Furthermore, Groups are a direct line to user feedback. You can (and should) directly respond to members in your group. Even if your’e not able to respond quick enough, another user may be able to help two. That solidifies engagement within the group, and makes your PR a little easier.

Growing Facebook Groups

Want to hit that 250 member mark? Here are a couple quick tips to help expand your Facebook Group membership:

  • Promote it on your social media.
  • Create links and opt-ins on your site.
  • Share the Group in your e-mail campaigns.
  • Add an opt-in link to your blog posts.

Overall, Facebook Groups are a great way to retain your audience. While it involves more community management, you’ll find it’s definitely worth the effort.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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