Facebook Video Woes: Inflated Metrics and a Lawsuit – Commexis Cast, October 18, 2018

Facebook is facing yet another controversy, this time focusing on Facebook video metrics. As David Meyer explains on Fortune, a new lawsuit filed against the social media company claims the 2016 announcement of an error in the total views on a video were inflated by about 60-80%, according to insights found in 80,000 internal Facebook communications. However, the amended claim states that inflation numbers ranged from 150% – 900%.

Facebook Inflation Nation

What I’m most interested in is the conversation that began on Twitter with a tweet from Jason Kint, the CEO of Digital Content Next.

Kint’s screen capture of the findings show that Facebook was aware of the problem back in 2015, and promptly did nothing about it for a year before quietly retiring the faulty statistics. Facebook’s own video statistics were what pushed publishers and news organizations to pivot towards video, as Chris Conroy points out.

In essence, this is a three-pronged problem:

  1. Facebook lied, again.
  2. Lots of people lost their jobs in pivots to video influenced by this lie.
  3. Brands lost money pivoting that hard.

Video Killed the Radio Star (Not the Journalist)

An important distinction Phillip makes, and one that I wholeheartedly agree with, is that video isn’t the problem here. Video is an excellent tool to be used in a content strategy campaign. In addition, video sees massive success on Twitch and Youtube, alike.

The crux of the issue is Facebook’s willingness to cover up, and the effect it had on the industry. While major pivots to video may not have succeeded, it’s clear even today we live in a video world. Replacing all written content on your site with a video? Not a great idea. Adding additional video content in general? Effective.

As Phillip says in our podcast episode above, video isn’t a lynch-pin. Rather, it is one piece in a grand content strategy.

Today’s cast: Phillip Brooks (Commexis Lead Strategist) and Matthew McGrorty (Commexis Videographer/Podcaster).

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