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The Financial Rules of Modern Marketing

To establish a marketing ROI in the current digital world, we knew there had to be a set of guiding, finance-based principles.

So, we combined over two decades of experience in digital marketing strategy and business financial reporting and developed the financial rules of modern marketing.

  1. There has to be a clear financial goal
  2. You cannot out optimize a bad spend
  3. Conversions happen in an ecosystem – The Buyer’s Journey
  4. The CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is the most important formula in marketing
  5. The major marketing platforms (Google, Facebook) run the game and control CAC investments
  6. Your CAC starts with the current digital bidding environment based on your funnel needs
  7. Operating expenses cannot control the marketing budget
  8. You cannot have an ROI without knowing your CAC
  9. 3:1 LTVR (Customer Lifetime Value Ratio) or better is the ROI target
  10. And the non-financial wildcard…You need to have a value proposition or purple cow (Seth Godin)

The Most Overlooked Expenses of Acquiring a Client

Please download our whitepaper to learn more about why your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is one of THE most valuable numbers in your business finances.