Google is No Longer the King of B2B Marketing

Google is No Longer the King of B2B Marketing

Probably one of the biggest mistakes we see with B2B companies is their over-reliance on Google for their marketing goals. It is presumed that Google is where you’ll actually make a splash and gain the biggest visibility in the digital space. That’s partially true, but depending on your business, your industry, and your goals, if you over-invest with Google, you may be missing out on some critical opportunities on other platforms that could actually provide better returns for your business.

The market is changing. And with it, B2B marketing is getting more and more competitive. In fact:

  • 77% of B2B marketers are dedicating more marketing budget on digital marketing and advertising in 2016.
  • 58% say that much of their budget will be focused on search engine marketing such as pay-per-click advertising.

As a result, the cost of doing advertising is increasing.

What are the alternatives to Paid Search?

LinkedIn can offer comparative advantages for B2B companies that are tired of competing for the limited prime real estate on Google. LinkedIn, with its unique professional spin on social networking, is growing ever more popular for B2B marketers that have been consistently touting its high returns and conversion rates. LinkedIn’s conversion rates rank highest out of all social media sites. In fact, LinkedIn offers a visitor-to-lead conversion rate 227% higher than Facebook. Convinced yet?

Not only that, but LinkedIn also provides much more flexibility than Google. With its interactive nature, comments, rich content, and community forums are welcomed and encouraged, and it’s becoming more clear how engagement has affected conversion rate. In reality, this is what LinkedIn is designed for – not just for posting your résumé.

Optimizing your B2B marketing strategy to LinkedIn is no longer one goal of many. It has become an imperative, absolutely necessary part of your foundation for success. 65% of companies report gaining clients through LinkedIn in 2014. Over half of all LinkedIn members assert that they are more likely to do business with a company they engage with on LinkedIn. And the best part is, engagement is free. No need to drop all of your marketing dollars on Google ads when you can start making real connections on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also provides a lot of flexibility for cross-platform integration. Twitter and SlideShare also have their benefits when used in concert with LinkedIn. If you’re looking to diversify and optimize your engagement, Twitter is a great way to engage a larger audience and direct them to your LinkedIn account. SlideShare is a great way to share key information with comprehensive content marketing in an easily digestible way for thousands of users. Keep this in mind as you go along.

Diversifying and taking advantage of opportunities that lead to a higher ROI is something that is surprisingly overlooked by many B2B marketers. Don’t just follow the status quo and put all your eggs in the Google basket. Simply put, Google is no longer king of the hill. If you start dedicating more of your efforts to B2B engagement on truly interactive platforms, then guaranteed you’ll start seeing the returns you’ve been looking for.

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